Everyone deserves a seat at our table!

Great taste is the name of the game and we are committed to stepping up to the plate

We prepare all meals with (seriously) fresh & (actually) local-sourced ingredients from the top purveyors and farmers in town

Proud graduate of the world renowned CIA (Culinary Institute of America)... where Chef Colin trained as chef (and ninja)... not to mention years of sharpening his skills at restaurants across the country... Colin and our culinary team bring experience and passion for gastronomy to you in the most approachable way possible

  • Tons of flavors and approaches to food preparation
  • The most convenient way to stay on track
  • It's like dining at the chef's table every night... in the comfort of your own home

Note from the chef:
 "I want to bring the finest restaurant experience to your home. I use the same farms as some of the top restaurants in town and some they don't have access to... our meals are the easiest, natural (and quite frankly... the hippest) way to experience your dinners"

How much does a meal membership cost and where do I get 'em?

 3-day and 5-day membership options with convenient drop-off and pick-up locations. Our nutritionist-designed & chef-executed meals range from $12 lunches to $24 three-course dinner options that include ingredients to help jump start your afternoon or get you ready for the next day


 We ask for 1-week heads-up on meal quantities (or) delivery dates... memberships are free to cancel at anytime

Why are your meals better than the others services in town?

 We have spent years working with pro athletes and successful people on every level & walk of life. Many people at the "top of their game" will say that establishing a ROUTINE helps propel them to the next level. We use our expertise to meticulously source ingredients, researching next level nutrition, and above all: creating FUN heat & eat dining options. 

 Our meals come with textures and vivid colors to ensure your palate isn't fatigued.  We want this to be an easy to use lifestyle experience that will help you feel the way you should.

 With all the buzz words floating around the culinary world... we work hand in hand with HONEST producers that share in our company culture and  passion towards food. With our meals, you will get local ingredients (seasonal & when available), free range, organic healthy foods that promote health from the inside... our meals are food not feed.

Count me in! Where do we sign up?